Post-Doctoral Fellow
|God, Time, & Change|
University of Macau
  August 26th, 2019 - August 25th,2021

Tyler Dalton McNabb 


Photo & Video Credit: Cameron Bertuzzi

Before accepting the position with the University of Macau, I was an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Houston Baptist University. Prior to my time at HBU, I was a tutor at the University of Glasgow.


My PhD thesis committee consisted of Jim Beilby and Michael Brady. Victoria Harrison (primary supervisor), Martin Smith, and Adam Rieger were the supervisors for my project.


My areas of specialty are in philosophy of religion, epistemology, comparative philosophy, and analytic theology.


I also have interests in ethics and political philosophy.

You may contact me at

Do We Need PROOF of God to Know He Exists?

Dr. Tyler McNabb on Reformed Epistemology

Tyler's Background 


Reformed Epistemology

The Evolutionary

Argument Against


An Abductive

Moral Argument For God

Recent Conferences

November , 2017

“What if God was one of us?:

Thisness a recommendation for thinking
about God,” Evangelical Philosophical Society, Providence.

May, 2016

“An Epistemic Defeater for Islamic Belief” (co-written with Erik Baldwin) Glasgow
Philosophy of Religion Seminar, University of Glasgow.

September, 2015

“Is the Problem of Divine Hiddenness a Problem for the Reformed
Epistemologist?,” (co-written with Tyler Taber) British Society for Philosophy of Religion, Oxford

July, 2014

“Defending and Reformulating Alvin Plantinga’s Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism,” Tyndale Fellowship Seminar, Cambridge University.

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